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Industry Salary Data

We present salary data as it is developed during the assignment, and provide a compilation of it when we present candidates to give you a look at what people are earning in your industry.

VP/Business Development & Marketing
Industry Salary Data (Excerpt)

Title Company Compensation
VP/Marketing $15M Satellite Systems Manufacturer $160K+
$50K to $65K bonus, plus options
VP/Marketing Naval/Aerospace Controls Manufacturer, $46-million sales – 18 reports $220K + options
VP/Programs $195M Electronic Warfare Systems Manufacturer $395K + $70K bonus
Director of Business Development $33M Military Communications Systems Manufacturer $210K + $50K bonus
Director, Business Development Marine Systems Manufacturer
$290M sales responsibility – 6 reports
$285K + RSU’s
Dir. of International Business Aerospace Systems Manufacturer
$380-MM responsibility; 15 reports
$310K plus
$25K to $65K bonus
Program Director Major Shipbuilder
$800MM program
$427K salary + 40% bonus + RSU’s
Dir. of Business Development $50MM Aerospace Systems Manufacturer $190K +
$38K to $50K bonus
VP/Business Development $70MM Space Systems Manufacturer $222K + bonus of up to 30%
VP/Defense Marketing $250MM Undersea Systems Manufacturer
$105MM sales responsibility
$305K total comp