Our Process

We meet with you and your key people to look at your organization and how the position is currently structured. These presearch interviews orient us within your firm, and allow us to generate a confidential, unattributed memorandum of suggestions that clients have always valued highly. They also permit us to work with you to define the position, and assure that it will become a successful investment for your organization.

We determine the search criteria – experience, current position, education, personality, salary, etc. You may have set these up yourself tentatively, but without up-to-date knowledge of the current executive market.

3  We conduct extensive research in the industries we together select, and develop a list of 100 or more target companies likely to employ your kind of executive. Of course, we also mine our existing contacts during this stage. Because our client list is limited to a select few, we have few conflicts, and can search more broadly than other firms.

4  We identify the prospective candidates who are employed at our target companies, and contact them. We’ll probably speak to over 200 people, interview 10 or 15, and thoroughly reference check half a dozen. All of the candidate contacts are handled by principals, and never by research assistants.

5  We keep you continually informed during the search: the initial presearch, salary data we uncover during the process, and bi-weekly updates on candidates and the progress of the search.

6  We compile the data on each of the three to five finalist candidates in a format that prepares you for interviews.

We maintain continuous contact with both you and the candidates during the interview stage, to facilitate your selection and help develop an offer viewed by you and your chosen candidate as appropriate.

We conduct informal follow-up discussions at the six-month point with you, the person you hire, and others in your organization to improve the likelihood of superior performance. These discussions sometimes result in confidential recommendations for minor adjustments which can have major effect.

For an in-depth look at our search process, click here to view A Look Behind the Scenes which you will take you through our process in more detail.

Exciting Candidates about Your Location: Most assignments require that the hired candidate relocate. To show you how we inform about your location and build a candidate’s interest in it, click here for a sample Area Description.

Cost and Duration

Duration of a search is usually two to three months from the presearch to presentation of candidates.

Cost of a search is one-third of the first year total compensation, payable in three monthly installments, beginning at the inception of the assignment (note: we have a different fee program for physician search consulting assignments). Expenses are billed in addition, at cost, with no markup added.

We guarantee in writing a successful search, and will continue until you have hired an outstanding individual.