Private Executive Search

Search the Way It Was Intended

ALAN DARLING CONSULTING Typical Retained Search Firm
Success Rate 94% 77% *
Presearch Survey & Report: “The Job and Its Environment” Always Brief and no written report
Research Calls By Always by a Principal Junior Staffers
Candidate Interviews By Always by a Principal Often by Junior Staffers
Search Constrained By Prior Work
(due to previous clients being off-limits)
Rare Frequent
Candidates Contacted Per Search 200 or more 25 to 100
Reference Checking Before presentation to client After presentation to client
Candidates Presented As a group, to allow for comparison One at a time, “shoot until you score”
Searches Per Year, Each Consultant 6-8 21 **
Fee Structure 33-1/3% *** (research included) 33-1/3% plus significant research & administrative charges

* Source: International Association of Corporate & Professional Recruitment
** Source: Executive Recruiter News