Physician Search Consulting

We view each physician assignment as unique, and believe that each requires a custom consulting approach. We spend significant time upfront and throughout the project developing an understanding of your institution and strategic plan as it relates to the physician you will add.

Most physicians are busy, challenged and happy in their present practices. Surveys show that fewer than 2% are actively looking for a new position.

Our Process

We work closely with you, your administrative staff and your medical staff.  We begin each project with a thorough presearch survey during which we meet with key administrators and a selection of your medical and nursing staff. These interviews orient us within your institution and allow us to generate a confidential memorandum of observations and recommendations that clients value highly. This process also permits us to work with you to define the position, and assures that in filling it, your organization will be making a powerful investment.  Throughout the project, we work closely with you to ensure proper candidate fit, and a successful assignment.

The Person You Meet – A Principal – Conducts the Search.  With most traditional physician search firms, you meet with a local sales rep, and the search is conducted by a distant recruiter who has never seen your facility or area. Only our principals will be speaking with candidates, who desire the detailed knowledge of your institution and the practice setting that we have developed.

Deep Experience In Healthcare:  We conduct assignments for both physicians and healthcare administrators, so unlike firms which specialize only in physician recruitment, we understand how healthcare institutions are governed and managed.

Candidates Developed On a Custom Basis.  We develop candidates by using a variety of techniques, including personal calls to candidates and referral sources, calls to people in our network, plus mailings/faxes and emailings.  We rarely advertise, nor do we work from databases of candidates who are actively in the job market, as these candidates are frequently considering as many as ten other opportunities.  Our methods generally identify candidates who have a connection to the client’s town/region, and for the most part, identify candidates who are not considering numerous opportunities.  Usually, our candidates will be interviewing only at your institution.

Candidates Are Interviewed Personally.  We interview candidates face-to-face, typically traveling to their hometown to meet them.  This not only enables us to qualify them for best personal fit, but also makes the candidates feel they are receiving special treatment, making them more likely to accept your job offer.

No Hidden Charges:  We bill expenses at our cost, with no markup. Some firms mark up expenses significantly, making their fee appear much lower than it actually is (some bill mailings at a quite profitable $1.50 or more, and thus bill expenses of over $15,000). You will have no hidden costs with us. Our clients find that our expenses are significantly lower than those of our competitors.

Fees:  Each project is unique, and the fee for each is determined on a custom basis, depending on its apparent difficulty.

In-house Physician Recruitment Consulting & Training also available:  Some of our clients have asked us to develop an internal physician recruitment strategy, and to train one or more staff members on how to implement our search/consulting approach on their own.  We also provide this service on a consulting basis.