Consulting and Training In Physician Recruitment Techniques

… We show you to build an in-house physician recruiting machine

The best physicians aren’t actively looking for other positions. They are, quite simply, extremely busy. Many healthcare organizations find that advertising and the internet uncovers only candidates who are undesirable, unlicensable, or those considering numerous other options. Worse still, advertising frequently uncovers no candidates at all.

We work with our clients to help them develop internal recruitment systems that enable them to reach the physician before he or she starts looking, enabling them to reduce their dependency on advertising or on recruitment firms.

The Techniques We Teach

Physicians today have their choice. They can go to almost any area of the country, and numerous hospitals will roll out the red carpet (and open up their checkbooks wide) to attract them.

To be successful in this market, a never-ending recruiting process is necessary, one that incorporates all recruiting techniques and is working to fill both your short-term and long-term needs. We will work with your key administrators, medical affairs staff and human resources department to set up this ongoing recruitment process, a machine that enables you to continually look for physicians.

We will enable you to:

  • Target physicians with ties to and familiarity with your region (generally created by family/spouse’s family or their schooling).
  • Reach the physicians who are not looking for work (so you can get them before they start looking and are interviewing at numerous places).
  • Develop effective direct mail and email campaigns that target the most likely prospects.
  • Get your medical staff to recruit for you.
  • Develop an organization that is always thinking recruiting. This is crucial to success in today’s healthcare world.

About Us

Alan Darling Consulting is an executive search and physician search consulting firm that also provides consulting and training for hospitals and group practices on physician recruiting techniques. We have recruited thoracic surgeons, neurosurgeons, urologists, cardiologists, internists, infectious disease physicians, orthopedists and oncologists. We have also recruited administrators for numerous healthcare organizations.

Clients have included Braintree Rehab (Healthsouth), Washington University/Barnes Jewish Hospital, the group practices at Harvard Medical School, and many community hospitals.

We believe that the best organizations do most of their own recruitment, and use retained search firms only for the most stubborn recruitments. We began providing physician recruitment training and consulting when clients, struggling with the present physician shortage-driven marketplace, began to ask us to provide this service.