Examples of High Tech / Life Sciences / Industrial Searches

VP/Operations, VP/Quality, Sr. VP/Sales & Marketing and Commercialization Director for a 1000-employee maker of life sciences / biotech products sold to Merck, Lilly, Wyeth, the NIH and most of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers.

VP/Business Development & Programs for a $70-million manufacturer of electronic systems used by the military in naval, land and aerospace platforms. This candidate has since been promoted twice by this company, and now is president of a $50-million sister company owned by the parent company.

CEO / President for a New York Stock Exchange-listed designer/manufacturer of custom-engineered electronic components and systems that sells to Lockheed, General Electric and General Dynamics, among numerous other defense/aerospace contractors and industrial products manufacturers.

President, VP/Sales and VP/Manufacturing for a manufacturer of custom-engineered composite subcomponents sold to Caterpillar, John Deere and Ingersoll Rand.

Business Unit Director for an $80-million business unit that was part of an $800-million maker of semiconductor  manufacturing equipment.

Chief Quality Officer, Chief of Program Management, and Manager of Manufacturing Engineering for a $100-million manufacturer of automotive steering columns.

President of a manufacturer of technical fabrics used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

CEO/President for a private equity-owned welding equipment manufacturer based in the Midwest.

Chief Operating Officer of a $40-million manufacturer of high-precision electronic components used in space, aerospace, seaboard/naval, e-commerce and high-end industrial applications.

General Manager / CFO for a company that designs and installs systems in manufacturing plants of biotech, pharmaceutical, skin creams and beverage companies that transport fluids that must be kept sanitary and hygienic in adherence with FDA and other government regulations.

VP/Sales & Marketing for a manufacturer of bar code printer applicators and high performance labels that is listed on the NASDAQ exchange.

Chief Quality Officer for a $60-million manufacturer Mobility TV Broadcast Transmitters (used by the wireless industry) and TV transmission systems, a division of the $7-billion Thomson Electronics.

Chief of Operations, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer and Senior Sales Executive for a 250-employee aerospace components company.

Design Engineering Manager for a manufacturer of aerospace systems.

Sales Manager for a designer/manufacturer of automated wire handling equipment.

CFO, Sales Manager, and Production Manager for a company that develops laser-based systems used to make die boards.

Sales Manager for a manufacturer of automated laser cutting and welding equipment.

Marketing Manager for a manufacturer of electrical connectors.

Director of Operations for a manufacturer of reed and solid state relays.

Director of Operations and Director of Engineering for a manufacturer of cable TV equipment.

Examples of Information Technology Searches

Chief Information Officer for a 70-store, $3-billion food retailer (this person has been promoted three times since, and is now the president of the chain).

Technology Leader (Chief Information Officer) for a large real estate syndication company.

Chief Information Officer for a company that at that time was the nation’s leader in library information systems (this candidate later became the president of the company).